Wednesday, May 5, 2010

X1 Concept photos

BMW X1 Concept photo gallery
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rear view photo

BMW X1 rear view
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front view image

BMW X1 front view
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Bmw X1 interior design

BMW X1 Concept photo gallery
X1 Concept photo gallery

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rear carrier systems for the BMW X1

Incredibly clingy. Rear carrier systems. The best comes at the end. With the rear carrier systems you can give two bicycles a piggyback ride.

The BMW X1 is tailor-made for leisure activities. Two bicycles can easily be transported on the BMW rear carrier, and if you have a third bicycle, an extension is also available. The rear carrier has special screws and lockable cradles to prevent theft. Of course, you can still use the tow bar and open the tailgate once the carrier has been fitted.
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The ski bag in the BMW X1

Winter supplies. Ski bag. Versatility whatever the weather: in the ski bag there is room for four pairs of skis or two snowboards. The choice is yours.

Ideal for winter athletes. The optional ski and snowboard bag accommodates up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards to make sure your equipment arrives as safely as you do. At home, the ski bag can be easily removed for additions use, and out of the snow season the bag can be packed away to save space in the accompanying bag.
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Entertainment in the BMW X1

Leading the way from behind. Rear-seat entertainment. Boredom is a thing of the past for rear-seat passengers. Thanks to the large screen, DVD player and AV connection there are plenty of entertainment options to choose from.

Non-stop rear-entertainment in the BMW X1 in 16:9 format. With a 7-inch foldable and adjustable screen and the DVD player between the two front seats journeys in the BMW X1 just become even more entertaining. Also included: access to all common audio and data sources such as CDs, USB sticks and mobile USB hard drives. If it`s interaction you`re after, you`re in the right place. Using the optional AV connection you can connect your video camera or even your games console. And thanks to the optional infrared headphones, passengers never have to worry about disturbing the driver.
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HiFi systems in the BMW X1

Feel the vibe! HiFi systems. A sound experience in the BMW X1. Up to 11 loudspeakers, surround sound and an AuraVox equalizer.

The BMW X1 turns open roads into exciting concert venues. Subwoofers beneath the front seats form the basis of the exceptional sound. The HiFi loudspeaker system enhances this sound with eight speakers while the Harman/kardon high-end speaker system adds an impressive surround function. Using the optional USB port you can connect external devices such as MP3 players to all HiFi systems. Two BMW radios and a CD changer complete the entertainment options.
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Rear seat in the BMW X1

Knowing when to fold. Variable rear seat. Arrange the luggage compartment to suit your needs. With the three-way foldable rear seat and the tilt-adjustable seat backrests.

Load upon joy whether on a shopping trip, a skiing holiday or a day trip with your mountain bike. The rear-seat bench can be split 40:20:40 making it easy to transport skis or snowboards whist still retaining four seats. As for rear passengers, a pleasant sense of space is enhanced with tilt-adjustable seat backrests. This doesn’t just mean greater comfort, it can also create more luggage space.
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Interior in the BMW X1

Practically perfect. Variable interior and storage. Space for everything you need, where you need it. Surely this is another reason for joy. Unless of course you forget the most important thin: the arrival.

The BMW X1 is as flexible as you need it to be. The interior hosts a range of storage options that help keep practical items within easy reach. From the glasses compartment in the roof linear and the storage compartment in the instrument panel to the large storage pockets in the doors that can accommodate one-litre drinks bottles. There is also room for up to five drinks holders or handy storage nets on the backs of the front seats. Practical solutions for more joy.
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